We have created 3 poetry and activity books for older people to encourage reminiscence, each of which is available on Amazon

Working with older people including those living with dementia, we have seen first hand how our original poems trigger reminiscence and encourage conversation. Our nostalgic poetry engages people through rhyme, rhythm, metaphor and alliteration.

We have published three books of our original poetry for sharing with older people. Each poem draws on reminiscence themes from the post-war period. Alongside the poems there are ideas to encourage conversation and activities to engage and stimulate.

The books have been tried and tested in care and nursing homes. Our books are an excellent resource for professionals; Activity Co-ordinators of residential and nursing homes, carers and club organisers. They are also ideal for relatives and friends to share with older people.

Save hundreds of hours of preparation time with our original poetry books.

Now Tell Me – How About You?
(Volume 1)

13 poetry titles and themes:

Playing out, At the pictures, Winter, Hats, hats, hats, A night out, My garden, Beside the sea, Washday blues, Celebrations, Albert’s pet shop, Shopping, On his hobby horse, Shades of Autumn

Now Tell Me More About You…                                                                                                     (Volume 2)

13 poetry titles and themes:

At the hairdresser’s, Back to school, The allotment, What’s for dinner?,  Doorstep deliveries, A day at the races, Household chores, Love and Romance, TV Times, Seaside holidays, Spring, Dancing Queens, The Silver Jubilee

Now share a verse…
(Volume 3)

13 poetry titles and themes:

Baking day, Sundays, A bouquet of flowers, Firsts, Chanting games, Funfair, Summer shimmers, Red, Love songs, Bonfire Night, Hobbies, My favourite things, Trains

Each book includes: 13 original poems with compatible activities  
£8.99 each from Amazon

Poetry is supplemented with activities and conversation starters

What people are saying…

‘These poetry books are so invaluable for anyone or group with Dementia / Memory problems. A lot of thought and care have gone into each of the themed poems. These poetry books are so invaluable for anyone or group with Dementia / Memory problems. My Prama Life Alderney Memory Group so enjoy listening to one most weeks that relates to our themed topic of the day.’

Diane Wyatt, Prama Life Alderney Memory Group

“I love the themed poems in the books.  We love to chat and remember what we did in the past.”

“I was transported on a whirlwind tour down Memory Lane.  These poems are so evocative and thoroughly enjoyable to read in their own right.  The suggestions and prompts are really helpful to encourage discussion and sharing of memories.”

“What a great idea! The poems are charming and can’t fail to conjure up memories and generate laughter and conversation.  The tips are simple and a real bonus.”

“This is an excellent book and I would highly recommend it to anyone caring for or working with older people and those living with dementia.  It is invaluable at helping to stimulate memories, initiate conversations and share precious moments that you will treasure.”