The Bonnie Day Training Programme

With our unique training we facilitate your staff to bring positive change to their practice. We will inspire your staff to create an atmosphere of belonging where everyone feels safe and valued. We use our training workshops to build on your existing good practice to make your home excellent for residents, staff and relatives.

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We emphasise the inclusion, stimulation and emotional wellbeing of residents. The Bonnie Day training programme is the product of fifty years' managerial experience in education and in residential care homes.

Our training is meticulously planned to meet your needs and is delivered in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere which is always appreciated by staff. They are valued throughout the training and encouraged to contribute so that they always feel included. After Bonnie Day training your staff will change their practice for the better because they feel inspired to make that difference. Staff will often work together during the training and this team build will continue in their practice in your home afterwards.

Please contact us to discuss our training programmes which we plan bespoke to your home.

What have people said about Bonnie Day's training?

"I have attended other activity training but none as brilliant as today."

"Wonderful ideas to have training sessions and combine ideas and learn new ones."

"The course allowed me (as a carer) to see how important activities are to residents and a care home."

"I look forward to the next session, I enjoyed it and learnt some good points."

"I have loved today - -it is the only training I have received…"

Thank you. Very relaxed and fun course and lots of ideas to take away."

"Very impressed… enjoyed the training session, it went too fast."

"I really enjoyed this training. I look forward to the next one."

"Loved this…"

"I enjoyed being here today and I felt I gained something."

"Great learning experience, will recommend a visit to our care home."

"I can't wait until the next session."

"Friendly open session with some nice fresh approaches."

"I enjoyed today very much. I felt it helped to understand how important activities are and how they can make all the difference to somebody's day."

Outstanding Activities – ‘The Bonnie Day Way’
  • ‘The Bonnie Day Way’
  • Hundreds of ideas
  • New techniques and skills
Specific workshops:
  • Listening Rounds – how to facilitate a listening round and build relationships
  • Fragrance Circles – how and what to use to stimulate the sense of smell
  • Reminiscence Avenues – how to stimulate memories of yesteryear
  • Musical Melodies – how to use and appreciate music in activities
  • Book Corner – how to use prose and encourage responses in activities
  • Poetry Please – how to use poetry, listening and reciting in activities
  • Arty Crafty - how to encourage creativity
  • Extra Delights - how to extend themes and ideas for further activity sessions
Our training courses can be designed for new and experienced staff as well as those with English as a second language.

“I had very positive feedback from my staff about your course.”
Manager, Hampshire

“After one session we saw a real difference in staff practice…”
Care Home Co-ordinator, Hampshire