Top Tips - for reminiscence avenues with poetry

The following excerpts from our poetry book, 'Now tell me - how about you?' provide an effective starting point for a reminiscence activity with older people.

The book is available from Amazon here:

Snakes and Ladders marked on the playground
Excerpt from ‘Playing Out’
‘I remember all those games I played
In endless summer childhood days:
Jacks, marbles, skittles, hula hoops,
Dolls, prams, cats cradles, string in loops’

This poem can be brought to life by sharing relevant objects including: skipping rope, dolls, footballs, marbles, hoops

Happy Birthday celebrations
Excerpt from ‘Celebrations’
‘We’re celebrating a birthday
A very special day
I’m buying a card or present
To send without delay’...

This poem can be celebrated by enjoying a delicious plate of cakes whilst reading or looking through old birthday cards.

Excerpt from ‘On his hobby horse’
‘My Dad’s had many hobbies
Too many for you to guess,
But I’ll tell you some of them
You’re sure to be impressed.’

This poem can be illustrated by pictures of cars, cricket matches or coarse fishing.