“What a lovely way to spend an afternoon yesterday, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Definitely  very emotional for some but also some lovely thoughts came from it. I really enjoyed the memory board…”

Activity Co-ordinator Winchester

“I have contact with a lot of other establishments dealing with reminiscing but yours I feel is a “Class Above”

Activity Co-ordinator Winchester

"Ladies, I would like you to know that yesterday’s activity was one of the best we have had. The residents were already talking before you arrived about what was going to happen. Some of them who had brought photographs of their homes were showing them around the table before you began.

It was so lovely to see them talking amongst themselves and talking to people they would normally not talk to. They loved the game with the dice in the middle of the afternoon because that is what was being talked about over tea. It was such a lovely afternoon and it stimulated all of them to some degree.

l will definitely carry on with this theme and hopefully it will enhance their life history folders so that all the staff can take part and learn more. Once again thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you next time."

Care Home Activity Coordinator, Winchester

“Marilyn and Gill have combined their considerable professional knowledge with their personal experience of supporting older people living in care homes to develop a range of stimulating, fun, innovative activities that enable residents to contribute, feel valued and respected; and for staff and residents to get to know and understand each other better. I found them both to be highly committed, intuitive, warm, and energetically creative, with a genuine enthusiasm for enhancing older residents’ quality of life.”

Lorna Easterbrook

(Lorna Easterbrook is the founder of LE Consultancy and is recognised as an expert in the care sector and in many aspects of care and support for older people.)


Testimonials about Bonnie Day Activities

"Thank you Bonnie Day for providing not only great cognitive skills based workshops for our residents but also for all the fun that came along with it. Our residents loved the interaction and participation that your activities promoted - and we all look forward to welcoming you back in the near future."
-Manager Care Home, Portsmouth

"Thank you for fantastic activity sessions."
-Manager, Care Home, Winchester

"Your activity was fabulous!"
-Activity Co-ordinator nursing home Andover

Residents have said about Bonnie Day…

“…wakes us up out of our drowsy selves…”

“…the hour went very quickly and was full of fun.’

“I loved the afternoon...”

Relatives have said about Bonnie Day…

"Everyone so enjoyed your programme, being able to be so involved made us feel part of the afternoon which is a great thing.” Winchester

“You brought my husband back to me for an hour…"

“I was so impressed that you took the time to listen to Mum. She was so thrilled with what you brought in.”

Testimonials about Bonnie Day Training

“I had very positive feedback from my staff about your course.”

“After one session we saw a real difference in staff practice…” Care Home Co-ordinator

“The change for the better in my staff was immediately obvious.”

“The positive effect of your training is still being talked about, felt and acted upon.”
Care Home Manager

Training co-ordinators have said about Bonnie Day...

“The training you gave was very well- received.”

“We would like you to come back and train the rest of our staff.”

Carers and staff have said about Bonnie Day...

After Bonnie Day training my practice will change by...

“Working professionally and personally with relatives.”

“Being more thoughtful and understanding.”

“Implementing small changes.”

“Encouraging people to work as a team.”

Things that I enjoyed with Bonnie Day...

“Looking at things from a different perspective...”

“Realising how different actions can make you feel.”

“Understanding how hard it must be to leave your home and go into a nursing home.”