Time saving activity DVD for professional caregivers and families

Now Just Press Play draws on our seven years’ experience delivering activities in UK care homes. The material on this DVD has been extensively tried and tested in care homes and other settings.

Ideal for professional caregivers…

Professional caregivers will save hours of preparation time. This DVD contains enough material for approximately seven hours of activities or conversations.

It can be used with or without a member of staff present and is suitable for use by individuals or in a larger group setting.

…and for families

Those caring for older loved ones, including people living with dementia, will enjoy discovering hundreds of new topics from the past that may otherwise have been left behind.

Its as easy as Just Press Play…

Saves time

Care staff and families will save hours of preparation time. This DVD contains enough material and stimuli for seven one hour-long activities or extended conversations.

Can be played to individuals or with a group

Cost saving

Helps care and nursing homes reduce costs by offering an alternative activity that can be enjoyed with or without a member of staff present.

Original Nostalgic Poetry

Now Just Press Play contains seven original poems drawing on themes from the post war period. These poems were written specifically for use with older people including those living with dementia. They are narrated and presented by experienced care home activity leaders.

The DVD features over 100 reminiscent images such as these to encourage conversation

Conversation prompts

Families and caregivers will enjoy exploring and discussing hundreds of topics from the post war period that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Tried and tested

The DVD is presented and narrated by two experienced activity leaders with seven years’ experience in the UK care sector and an in-depth knowledge of the reminiscence material discussed. This material has been extensively tested in UK care homes.


We created this DVD specifically for older people including those living with dementia. We use broadcast quality audio and large format high contrast subtitles to make it as easy to follow as possible. Images used on this DVD have been digitally edited to be as high contrast and as clear as possible. The material is presented at a measured pace with opportunities throughout to pause and discuss, or reflect on, the topics raised.

Demonstration video

To see how it works, watch a demonstration video of one of the activity videos on the theme of Winter:

This DVD runs for one hour and one minute (including running time of static images to allow time for conversation).

Copyright Bonnie Day Limited 2018-2019 unless otherwise stated (see Legal Notice section of DVD or click here). The reproduction of this DVD is expressly prohibited by law.

Full details of the terms and conditions which apply to this DVD can be read here.


Care home/nursing homeBedroom, living room and common areas
Your homeLiving room, bedroom
Stages of dementiaEarly, mid and late
Challenges Communication, loneliness and isolation, sadness and depression.

Simply Beautiful Ceremonies wrote:
“This is a fantastic venture. The ladies are working to provide better ways of caring and loving those with dementia and its related problems. As a Dementia Friendly business I would highly recommend them. This DVD
should be a social prescription. Dementia UK Alzheimer’s Society have a
look at this and make it available across the country.”

Pete Grafton London Town 54
“Thanks so much for sending me a copy of the Bonnie Day DVD Now Just Press Play. What a wonderful production it is.  Congratulations to you
and Gill and the production team. I was impressed with the way that
some still photos were subtly animated, including one or two from
London Town 54.”