The Bonnie Day Way

Bonnie Day delivers innovative activity sessions to care home residents including those living with dementia.

All of our sessions are created to encourage a meaningful sense of:
  • Self-worth
  • Community and belonging
  • Inclusion
  • Dignity
  • Respect

Preliminary consultation

Bonnie Day offers an initial consultation to better understand the strengths and needs of individual care homes. This introduction enhances our ability to create and deliver tailored activity sessions.

The Bonnie Day Way

This is a five star approach to activities for the elderly. The Bonnie Day Way of providing activities for older people engages and includes all.

Most of our activities encourage participation including speaking, listening, singing, humming, toe tapping and creating.

We know that these activities are successful from the smiles we receive.

- A recent comment about Bonnie Day from an Activity Co-ordinator!

Most of our ideas work best in a circle or semi-circle enabling participation. Our activities are arranged under the following headings:

  • Reminiscence Avenues - providing opportunities to remember
  • Musical Melodies - appreciating music and encouraging responses
  • Book Corner - allowing time for reflection
  • Arty Crafty - an opportunity to be creative
  • Extra Delights - Giving further ideas to help the Activity Co-ordinator extend the theme

Examples of activity sessions include:

'Getting to know you ...'

In this session residents, relatives and staff are encouraged to bring along their favourite things and treasured memories. In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance individual stories are appreciated and meaningful relationships are formed. In our experience this session encourages individuality, great conversation and bonding.

'Memories are made of this'

An interactive journey with soundbites and stimuli remembering:
  • Spitfires and Concorde
  • Quicksteps and disco
  • Hopscotch and hula hoops

  • and everything else in between.

"Hats-off to you!"

A favourite with residents which brings back times of style and sophistication. Bonnie Day has a unique collection of hats of all varieties including:
  • haute couture creations
  • hats for those special occasions
  • occupational hats (from mortar boards to jockey helmets)
  • party hats
  • military hats and uniforms
This session makes a sustained impression on residents who knew how to dress!

'Winter Wonderland'

This activity brings out seasonal warmth, cheer and tradition in a classic wintertime setting. We add a pinch of Christmas Sparkle during the festive period.

'Faraway places with strange sounding names'

Many of the residents who speak to Bonnie Day have fascinating travel stories to tell from the Cotswolds to Timbuktu. Maps, souvenirs and photo albums help remember times of 'travelling in style' or campsites with little convenience!